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!! Quest3D - The end of an era !!

About 13 years ago Quest3D was launched. It quickly led to a lot of interest from people working in the real time 3D business, all over the world. Over the years, as the technology evolved, the market needs changed and, as a result, Act-3D had to also gradually change their focus towards their new flagship product - Lumion.
Due to the increasing amount of attention and resources needed, sadly, as of 1st January 2014, the very hard decision to stop updating and selling Quest3D was taken by Act-3D.

It is indeed really sad that this very forward thinking piece of software, which, by its cleverness, brought easy visual OO RT 3D applications development to the reach of everyone, never really achieved the height of fame and success it deserved!
However, I must admit that it has been a great and fun adventure for which I am proud to have been part and more importantly which led to many great opportunities to meet and work with fantastic people and community, some of which have also become friends.

Of course, it is the end of an era and sadly, Quest3D nor my plugins will be available anymore but, for Aticka, it is business as usual and I take the opportunity to reiterate my most grateful thanks to all my customers and visitors for their trust and interest in my plugins and Quest3D.

A tres bientot on "planet" Aticka or, who knows, on other "planets".



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